Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Touched by an Atheist

George Carlin is still funny.

I need to start volunteering down at the clinic.

Maybe I Should Tune Into Fox Once in Awhile

This is ... well many things. Terrible, unprofessional, unexpected from Fox and... hilarious!

Behold the power of a well shaken can of Whoop-Ass.

Backstory: For those of you who are unaware, the Rev. Phelps and his church became famous in the '90s for disrupting the funerals of AIDs victims with signs, loud speakers and protesters. Really, just-not-done kind of stuff. It made them famous, doubtless got them lots of backing from rich crazy folks and really showed how little compassion some Christians have.

However, the thrill is gone form that. There are, unfortunately, too many AIDs funerals now and, fortunately, most respectable media outlets refuse to give them air time. So they did what any brand-savy media organization does when the market moves, they followed it. Consequently, they rarely picked funerals of AIDs victims anymore.

Now they picket the funerals of Iraq war dead.


Theoretically, that's what Mrs. Phelps is there to discuss.

Monday, June 12, 2006

That Sounds About Right

I don't remember this, but it sounds exactly like what I would do. My mother responds to the sparkler incident:

Hi Mark: was reading your blog never knew about the sparkler incident but I do remember when you about 3 years old we were at grandma's and you decided to see if toilet paper would burn in a circle. so you locked the door and lit the toilet paper then you got scared and wouldn't unlock the door I climbed through the window and got you out you were so scared and looked so sad I didn't even punish you.

Actually, I very vaugely remember my mother climbing in the window of the bathroom to rescue me from something gone wrong. This could be the same incident or it could be after I moved from fire to water as a hobby...