Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Google Games

from the Google:

google "Mark Horvath": 24,200 pages
google "Mark Horvath" -fire: 2930 pages


Because "Sexism is Ugly"

Ohes Noes! It's the End of the World As We Know It!

Well said on the Rachel Ray "controversy":

Dunkin' Donuts pulled the ad, for fear that some Americans would be sent into the streets in a pants-wetting panic that someone in a donut ad might be wearing a black and white scarf that looks sortof like something a Palestinian jihadist would be wearing. You know, if it wasn't a scarf but was a headdress. And if it had a different pattern. And if you were mind-rapingly insane to begin with


So this is what we've (well, I say "we", but I mean a small subset of American patriots who, having absolutely no intention of doing anything meaningful for their country that involves getting out of their chairs, spend their days looking for secret terrorist messages in television commercials) been reduced to. We're examining the fashion statements of donut ads and parsing them for hints of surreptitious Islamic culture. We're locked into a mortal combat against those that casually accessorize without remembering that we are at war; we're mere weeks away from probing the hidden alliances of the doilies on our grandmothers' coffee tables.

We are a nation that sees images of Jesus on toast. Admit it; there was absolutely no possibility that we would not eventually devolve to this point.

The rest here.

I'm on a bit of a roll today with blogging :)

The State of the Art

Excellent paper on F(r) gravity theories. Worth a read.

Road Trip!!!

I thought this was an interesting factino:

You may have seen this already. Americans cut back on driving in March, compared to the previous March, more than in any single month since such record-keeping began in 1942. It was a 4.3 percent drop in miles driven, a reduction of 11 billion miles.


if a 4.3% drop is 11 billion miles then... (whips out calculator) 11x10^9/0.43 = 256 billion miles/month * 12 months = 3 Trillion miles/ year!

3 Trillion miles is half a light year. The US drives half a light year every 12 months. And thta's just the US! Assume thats about a 1/3 for all planetary driving.... 1.5 LY!


We could *drive* to Proxima in less than 3 years!

You've Been Left Behind

Letters people have written for their "friends" to find after they are bodily taken into Heaven.

I imagine the people who wrote them were very excited thinking about the day all their lack of hard work learning science and their avoiding deep introspection and the questioning of authority would finally pay off!

It kind of like when 10 year-olds write suicide notes so they can fantasize about how sad everyone will be at their funeral.

It is sad alright.

This from field agent Brian:

Brian: His number is 666.Some think this mark will be a bar code tattoo, others think and implanted computer chip. It will solve allot of problems with, identity theft, illegal activities, taxation of the underground economy, street crime for money, and economic control.

Brian: i'm not sure labelling everyone with 666 will actually cut down on identity theft
it's going to be hell at the deli, at least 666! who's got 666!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Actual Cold Fusion

... color me skeptical.

Not a Physics Teacher I Hope

or, actually, a teacher of anything other than remedial gym. here


This is completely non-controversal and not in any way a troll:

Biblical literalism or low IQ: which came first?