Saturday, May 19, 2007

Dear Anonymous Atheist Complaint Box

My act of linking approvingly to this thread does not, in any way, constitute an endorsement.

In exactly the same way that Glenn Reynolds linking approvingly to pro-torture arguments and administration apologia does not.

Heh, read the whole thing...

Friday, May 18, 2007

More Hitch

He goes on Fox but refuses to really play the game.


"you took up all my time to answer with your rather long and unlettered question"

There Is Nothing out of Bounds

From the Wapo:

Attorneys for Cheney and the other officials said any conversations they had about Plame with each other and reporters were part of their normal job duties because they were discussing foreign policy and engaging in an appropriate "policy dispute." Cheney's attorney went farther, arguing that Cheney is legally akin to the president because of his unique government role, and has absolute immunity from any lawsuit.

"So you're arguing there is nothing -- absolutely nothing - these officials could have said to reporters that would have been beyond the scope of their employment [whether it was] true or false?," U.S. District Judge John D. Bates asked.

"That's true, your honor.


TJIC has a pretty good (and sadly typical) interaction with a customer and his lawyer about copywrite law. I'd happily agrue a lot with Travis on any number of topics (and do), but never one where he had a financial stake unless I was ab-so-lute-ly sure I was right and had 2 or more expert opinions to back me up.

Read here, it's very good.

The Tributes Keep Coming in...

From field Correspondent Tara, a Tribute from Betty Bowers*:

When CNN called, Jerry would drop everything except pounds for a chance to squeeze much of his face into unforgiving aspect ratio of pre-HDTV television. With his smarmy smile and affable facility for slapping a perfunctory "but I love him in Christ" at the end of even the most vicious, artless insults, he was rather effective in putting a charming, folksy face on demeaning other human beings and their children.

*She's a better Christian than you, just ask her

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Why I Am a Bad Person

Because I don't disagree with any of this

I think it is impolite and uncivil to voice this in wake of the person's death, however that doesn't take away from the underlying truth of the piece.

Sorry, in this case I am failing to rise to my better nature.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

McCain Wins!

well, at least he's free-er to say what he really thinks.

I'm a little afraid though that's what he's been doing all along.

Best Prank This Year!

Really, truely outstanding!

Our Boys in Blue

Cop Rock!

BTW, this recent spurt of blogging is largely because I am back home after 10 days on the road. I am home for 8 days, then back on the road until late July (with a few at home breaks thrown in).

The 7 Signs!

One wonders how hard they had to work to make sure it came out to exactly 7:

This is both foolish and dangerous. Foolish because the guidance is so generic and silly as to be useless (other than the idea that you should "be afraid, all the time". Dangerous because it ties up resouces with false positives and diseminates misinformation. Even the examples are stupid, e.g. why would a terrorist steal a suit from a dry cleaner? Its that terribly risky? Wouldn't it be likely they could be caught or identified by in-store recording? Would a suit grabbed at random even fit? Better to buy one at a store (or even a Goodwill Store) and avoid the risks.

I hate pointless, useless security and when it's disseminated by the government, it's even worse. What a waste of money.


I Agree, 100%

Gabriel Sylar
Powers: Flaw Discernment, ranging from mundane machinery to anomalies of the brain. This discernment also seems to allow him the ability to sense the powers of other people who possess them, and integrate them into his own genetic makeup. Powers that have been acquired through this method include Advanced Telekinesis, Cryokinesis, Eiditic Memory, Short-range Matter Disruption, and Wide Scope Hearing.

Last Seen: Painting a portent of the future explosion. In his mother’s blood. After he stabbed her in the chest with a pair of scissors. There is no possible way those three sentences could be any cooler to write.

From the Goon's Heroes thread

Where does the Internet go at Night?

A conversation 18 years ago:
Me: We're going to go see Grandma and Grandpa Manley in California!
Geoff: Ohhhhhhh! That's far away!
Me: Very far.
Geoff: I think that's where the sun goes at night!
Me: ... to California?
Geoff: Yes!

Last week, he answered found where the internets go at night...

To the Liberace Museum

Star Trek Day!

What do you do when, after advocating a lost lost cause for years it starts to sink in that you may have been in error all this time?

Regroup, research and rethink?


Hold a Star Trek Day!