Friday, April 25, 2008

Satan Lurks in Seafood Restaurants!

It seems that god hates crustaceans.

God also hates Brats, Barbers, Vaginas, and Mixed Fibers

So, pretty much, god is a gay man in his late 30s.

Security Theatre

llyImaginary protection from threats you don't have: The Quantum Sleeper.

My first thought: It's made of wood! I could just set it on fire and be done with it.

My second thought: This is a joke of engineering! That thing would never protect your head from lasers.

I showed this to a co-worker who pointed out that the point of safety was to keep one *out* of a coffin.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Star Formation in M83

The outlying regions around the Southern Pinwheel galaxy, or M83, are highlighted in this composite image from NASA's Galaxy Evolution Explorer and the National Science Foundation's Very Large Array in New Mexico. The blue and pink pinwheel in the center is the galaxy's main stellar disk, while the flapping, ribbon-like structures are its extended arms. The Galaxy Evolution Explorer is an ultraviolet survey telescope. Its observations, shown here in blue and green, highlight the galaxy's farthest-flung clusters of young stars up to 140,000 light-years from its center. The Very Large Array observations show the radio emission in red. They highlight gaseous hydrogen atoms, or raw ingredients for stars, which make up the lengthy, extended arms. Astronomers are excited that the clusters of baby stars match up with the extended arms, because this helps them better understand how stars can be created out in the "backwoods" of a galaxy.

(Via Galex)

Contrary to what the text might suggest, many of these stars have no discernable hillbilly accent, and several have indicated they'd vote for John McCain.

UPDATE: Brain suggests, "that galaxy looks like the FSM. More proof of our faith"

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Delicious Fate

I am going to make this, and if it kills me, I'll die happy.

"I can’t believe the internet allows people like you publish this"

A great opening line and the rest doesn't dissapoint in the flavor department (unlike so many others):

your whole Flying Spaghetti Monster is going to get punctured like a big balloon and come floating down on your heads and completely crush you… and I’ll be there with plenty of spaghetti sauce to eat it up and rid the world of this Satanic idea, except that I wouldn’t do that because then your monster would be inside of me which I totally don’t want. LOSERS!!!! Don’t you get it? You made it all up! YOu are the total opposite of a real religion where God makes it all up, not you.

"where God makes it all up"
So much truth in so much cluelessness...

Nearer My God Than Thee

Priest Vanishes on Party Balloon Flight

SAO PAULO, Brazil (April 21) - A Roman Catholic priest who floated off under hundreds of helium party balloons was missing Monday off the southern coast of Brazil.

Maybe Oral Roberts University should open a flight school...

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Some New Art

I have finished 2 pieces, both stylized Art Deco Bridges. The first, Works Progress Administration, is based on an idea had in 1998, when I first started with Bryce 4.0. I did a "draft", but my skillz were weak and I never really got the hang of it. This is much, much closer to the idea I have in my head. The lighthouse-statue in the lower right is actually from my remake of Science.

The other, The Silver Zephyr, was an accident. I had a train in mind for the WPA bridge and spent quite a bit of time building a deco-style model. Unfortunately when I put it in the image, it looked very wrong. It blocked a lot of the detail and added very little. While puzzling out how to fix it, I conceived the second bridge. His hat was going to be an Indian War Bonnet, but it got away from me and is now a kind of comet-thingy.