Thursday, September 08, 2005

Father vs. Son

I played Geoff in Doom some number of years ago and this was exactly my experience:

I liked how, when we finally started, I was killed within eight seconds. Then I came back to life in another part of the game … and was again killed within eight seconds. I don't think I ever survived longer than 20 seconds. At one point I accidentally detonated something (maybe a plasma grenade) right next to myself. In that instance, I committed suicide before other players had a chance to kill me.

Seth: Yup, Xbox Live is definitely lacking in feminine energy. Though I think I managed to bring a bit of womanliness to the battlefield.

I am old.


Ihave a little tiny bit of connectivity/time and thought I'd try a quick update and render a judgment:

Copenhagen sucks.

Rather, Copenhagen is beautiful, the people are, I am sure, good to their children, kind to animals, go to church regularly and are in all respects good citizens.

They just hate tourists. And, they hate them with a purity of passion that any Buzzard's Bay resident locked into a 60 minute cycle on the Sagamore rotary would both understand and *envy*. This is a passion would borders on a religion as far as I can tell for it permeates all levels of their society, and extends into their restaurant and service industry, their hoteliers and cab drivers. I've traveled all over the planet at this point and the only place that compares is, maybe Bangkok. Maybe. The buses so far are, on average, 45-60 minutes late, often go to the wrong locations and, in one case, the driver laughed at us when we expressed some thought that perhaps we would take a cab instead of the bus. And these aren't public buses, these are private ones leased exclusively for this event! They are being paid to cart our pasty asses back and foth to and from the hotel and they are failing miserably at it!

And, as time would show, the driver was right to laugh. Copenhagen only has 2 cabs that stop for tourists and both of them are run by recent émigrés from Turkey would have only a passing command of Flemish and the English skills they learned on MTV. They get lost, ask for directions and, eventually, drop you somewhere within a 4 block radius of your hotel. Ask them where to go, they smile, shrug as if to say, “who knows? it all looks the same to us too” and drives off.

Ugh. Columbia was better in many ways than this.

OTOH, the pickled fish is nice.