Saturday, September 15, 2007

It's Tough To Soar Like An Eagle When You Are Surrounded By Turkeys

Wake Up America!! From the WaPo

James Choate came to Washington last night from Birmingham, Ala., joining five friends on a mission to save the lives of American elementary school children.
Choate, who works in an advertising mailhouse back home, flew through scary thunderstorms to attend the Gathering of Eagles, where he and others stood wearing buttons that said "Never Trust Democrats with National Security."

Choate said he and his friend felt compelled to come to Washington because most Americans refused to believe that "the terrorists have got people planted all over the country from Al Queda who are preparing to go on one day into many elementary schools in our country and kill our children. We have this on good authority, we have sources."

Choate said he was disappointed to see how few people turned out to the Gathering of Eagles. "Most of the country doesn't want to believe it, " he said. "Everybody's getting a false feeling of security. Every morning, I wake up and just hope another 9-11 hasn't happened overnight."
Choate said he and his friends, who he called true patriots, are doing their duty to spread the word that "most Muslims are out to kill us or convert us to Islam."

Choate and his friends said the poor turnout was "disturbing," but said they nonetheless were stirred by the support of those who did attend; the group from Birmingham plans to spend the rest of the weekend seeing the sights of the nation's capital .

Friday, September 14, 2007



Really. I didnt beleive my son when he told me this was an Emmy Award winning video. I'm ... speechless.

Actually, it's kind of catchy...

Random Bits of Conversation with my Son

Me: "...thats not a gun, it's a Wand of Ambulance of Summoning!"
Geoff: "+3 vs. trolls, orcs and muggers"

Geoff: "How about the National Terrorism Center?"
Me: "They can't call it that! They'd have to call it the National Counter-Counter Terrorism Center"

Geoff " ...on Fox!"
Me: "Fox is just a base propaganda channel"
Geoff: "Why do you think that?"
Me: "I heard it on the John Stewert"

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Kathy Griffith is my New Hero


In her speech, Griffin said that "a lot of people come up here and thank Jesus for this award. I want you to know that no one had less to do with this award than Jesus."

She went on to hold up her Emmy, make an off-color remark about Christ and proclaim, "This award is my god now!"

"Kathy Griffin's offensive remarks will not be part of the E! telecast on Saturday night," the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences said in a statement Monday.

Monday, September 10, 2007

First Pavarotti Joke

Pavarotti arrives at the Pearly Gates and rings the bell
to be let in. St Peter opens up and says, "Oh it's you
Luciano, come on in, squeeze through".
Pavarotti says, "Hold on, I've got an envelope for you,
from the Pope". St Peter opens it up and reads it...


(say it out loud if you dont get it)

Arecibo to Close??

Sad if true

The National Science Foundation, which has long funded the dish, has told the Cornell University-operated facility that it will have to close if it cannot find outside sources for half of its already reduced $8 million budget in the next three years -- an ultimatum that has sent ripples of despair through the scientific community.

While I strongly agree that we need to do more hard science and I understand that something has to give to fund new projects, it would be a shame to close Arecibo.

Chaos Hawks

Well said:

Having admitted, however, that the odds of a military success in Iraq are almost impossibly long, Chaos Hawks nonetheless insist that the U.S. military needs to stay in Iraq for the foreseeable future. Why? Because if we leave the entire Middle East will become a bloodbath. Sunni and Shiite will engage in mutual genocide, oil fields will go up in flames, fundamentalist parties will take over, and al-Qaeda will have a safe haven bigger than the entire continent of Europe.

Needless to say, this is nonsense. Israel has fought war after war in the Middle East. Result: no regional conflagration. Iran and Iraq fought one of the bloodiest wars of the second half the 20th century. Result: no regional conflagration. The Soviets fought in Afghanistan and then withdrew. No regional conflagration. The U.S. fought the Gulf War and then left. No regional conflagration. Algeria fought an internal civil war for a decade. No regional conflagration.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Maybe It's My Lack of Imagination

MIT re-invents the billboard with the Hyposurface!


Reaction to the Hyposurface usually evolves quickly from "What could this be used for?" to "What couldn't this be used for?"

Color me pedestrian but I dont see much here. Sure it's cool and all, but this looks like any number of trade-show gimmicks one can see at Sibos, SIFMA or any other tradeshow where folks have more money than sense.

Like the digital waterfall (here running for Jeep)