Saturday, November 04, 2006


Looks like I will be spending Election Day with the Diebold security team. Should be very, very interesting. Details Wednesday.


I've been on he road all week and had exhausted the two books I brought with me, The Laides of Grace Adieu and Fragile Things. With 3 hours of plane travel ahead of me, I picked up a bunhc of magazines including the seldom read(by me) Wired. Not too shabby actually. I bought it for the article on atheism, but was delighed by the following: 6 word stories

The online article has a bunch of versions which didn't get printed, but the print version has them presented in some very interesting artisitic styles. Overall, I think the print version wins.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Worst Websites... Ever!

We get suchs gems as:
An endoresement from a dog
A nice picture of a pig's nose (I think)
bareass HTML
and a recipe for "Easy, Killer Margaritas"

My Space? no. AOL? Perish the thought. Craig's list? they wish they were this sophisticated. No, these are people running for office!