Thursday, July 27, 2006


Here's what you should do:
1) Click the link below
2) Look at the picture
3) Study the picture to figure out why it's so familiar and notice the lacy bra on the statue
4) Realize who this is and what it means (perferably while reading the text)
5) Bleaaaauuurrrrrrgh!

6) Laugh


You're still here. You dont trust me, do you?

Also, if you get the Dr. Manhatten reference without clicking the link to wiki, take 2 points from my "hold them in higher esteem" jar.

Lesbian Ann Coulter

and this time I dont' mean my son's roommate*. Remember folks, you heard it here first almost 2 years ago!

Tammy Bruce — conservative writer, former president of NOW in Los Angeles, former KFI-AM radio talk show host — is said to be a lover of Ann Coulter. Bruce has always disclosed on her radio show that she is a full-on lesbian. It’s said that Coulter and Bruce were seen at a women’s bar on “little Santa Monica Blvd” called Palms just west of La Cienega in West Hollywood. For her to trash Bill Clinton about him being gay seems strange, unless you recall Newt Gingrich pushing “family values” when he has had three wives and was dating his third wife while married to his first wife.

I guess the fact that I'm quoting Wonkette isn't really a plus here, is it?

*as part of a long standing joke, I refer to my son's straight, male roommate as "Lesbian Ann Coulter". The roommate is, as far as I know, completely unaware of this name and really has nothing to do with the joke. Further proof that's it's harder than it looks to be my child.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Artifical Life: Breve

This simulator is very cool. I got a walker up and running on my 2proc, 2.8Ghz, Win2K3 machine in about 10 minutes. I'm waiting for it to start running.

A Joke

From a six-year-old named Clint, passed to me by his Uncle Bill

(FTR, I have not edited this in anyway)

The Joke:What did one seagull say to the other seagull???
The Answer: In the comments

Monday, July 24, 2006

City of Heroes Scrapbook

My current time-wasting hobby, City of Heroes, allows me to take instant, in-game photos. I've been doing it for a few months now and finally got around to making a scrapbook.

It's unsorted, except by date. I may go in at some point and add text to a number of photos. My main 'toon, BluShield, hit the top of the game on 3/4/06. Captain Physics hit 50 on 7/5/06.

My Extremely Generous Contributions at Work

As you know if you read this blog, I give a lot of money to the ACLU. There are two benefits to this; 1) the protect my freedom and 2) it annoys the boy to know the money that would otherwise go to X-box stuff is going to a "liberal" group.

You also know, if you read this, I'm no fan of Fred Phelps.

And now, my hard earned sheckles are going to defend him. Ugh.

ACLU Backs Funeral Picketers:
The ACLU has filed suit on behalf of a religious group that pickets military funerals with anti-gay messages. The suit challenges the state of Missouri's law barring picketing near military funerals. An equivalent federal measure was signed into law earlier this year.

I dont agree, but I really am fighting (at least by proxy) for his right to be a jerk.