Friday, May 23, 2008

Not the Onion, I Swear!

but the venerable TPM:

Christ and AquaMan could beat John McCain this fall a poll commissioned by Jerry Falwell's Liberty University, one further poll shows Jesus Christ, were he the Democratic candidate for President this fall, would defeat McCain by the largest margin yet, 73-24. Christ, the poll indicates, would not only run particularly strongly in the South, but reaches deeply into McCain's Republican base, attracting the great majority of evangelical voters, while also holding onto antiwar voters in the Democratic base, given his preaching to "turn the other cheek" and his promotion of politically controversial commandments, including not killing one's fellow man.


Third, Rasmussen Reports, which polled on a yet wider range of subjects has determined that Marvel Comics superhero Aqua-Man (TM) holds a narrower but statistically significant national lead over McCain, 53-44, with his strength coming from coastal states, and those with marshes and navigable waterways, though McCain leads Aqua-Man by large margins in the more arid intermountain West and upper Great Plains.

I'm thinking a Christ/AquaMan Dream ticket!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Security Theatre of the Absurd

SeaTac where, evidently, you can just drive out onto the runway if you want.

"We were sitting there, the engine idling, nobody around, when all of a sudden I realized: We're out on the goddamn runway," [retired army lieutenant colonel Greg] Alderete recalled. "We're in a gassed-up, seven-passenger van, and no one really knows who we are. We have an unobstructed path to the main runways, the commercial gates, the whole place. It was unbelievable."

All Over The Map

A man in need of media training meets the media.

You can kind of see where he wants to go, and you can kind of see his point, but wow.

Also, FTR, I don't disagree with any of the points he's trying to make, I just don't think he makes them well or should even be making them here.

Ted Kennedy


If for no other reason, I'll always be a fan of Ted's because of his vigorous defense of the constitution.

It was sent to the Senate, where it needed a 2/3 majority (66 votes) to pass. On 12-12-95, the amendment was defeated when it failed by only 3 votes.

I read his speech that day and was highly impressed (having the opinion at the time that this was just mock-patriot nonsense from the president). It was also about the time I joined the ACLU.

Brain cancer is a terrible way to go. Agree or disagree with him, (and there are a lot of legitimate opinions out there) how you feel about Ted Kennedy probably says something about the level of empathy for other human beings. Only the real sociopaths are going to see this as an opportunity gang up on him and write long hate-filled screeds. From my POV, this is an opportunity to let them self-identify.


I finally got the open source project, Celestia, to compile under VS2k8. Hooray!

I've been writing some code for add-ons, which I kind of abandoned for time reasons a year or so back. I have slightly more time these days, so I'll get to brush up some on my C++ skills.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Eat My Face

Well, not mine, but someone's.

That's a recipe for yummy if I've ever heard of one.