Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Things WHich Should Not Be Connected to the Internet, Part LXXVII

Coffee Makers.

Illusions of the Year

The Tower of Piza one had me going until I blocked one out, looked at the other, then blocked it and looked at the first. If, at any point, they are both on the screen together, the illusion comes back.


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Also, Since I Had the Camera Out

I took some pictures of the glass I have been working on lately.

Various paperweights I have been giving away. Not all of them obviously. Also missing is a fairly decent christmas orb I gave to Geoff for graduation:

A piece I just call the Flame:

The green version, which wicked cracked:

A blue, open mouth vase (next to a closed mouth orange tabby who could not help but pose for the camera:

A ridged plate which was the last thing we learned to make in this series of classes:

All in all I have been pretty happy with my progress the last 6 weeks. I bought some new glass for the open session tomorrow. I am going to try some more flame pieces with dichromatics.

Lt. Horvath

23 years later, Mission (actually) Accomplished!